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Why Choose Us?

People always ask us: why choose our puppies over others?

  • We take great pride and care for our puppies
  • We know who the mom and dad are of our puppies
  • Because we have both sets of parents, we can more quickly identify any medical issues that might come up.
  • Your puppy’s parents are on site so you can come and visit them
  • You can come to our home and see how the parents are treated
  • We are experts on the wheaten terrier and whoodle breeds
  • Our puppies are hand raised. They are born in our house and raised in our home. From the moment they are born they are held and loved
  • Our puppies do not ever see a kennel, nor are they left outside
  • Our puppies are already potty trained by the time they are allowed to go home to their families
  • Because they are held constantly, they are very submissive when you get them. We work very hard to make sure your puppy will be the best
  • We feed our dogs nothing but the best. They never get store bought treats such as milk bones or stuffed rawhides (this stuff is terrible for your pet!)
  • You will get a packet of all the information we have on Wheaten Terriers and/or Whoodles, along with their shot records and registrations papers
  • From the time they are born until the time they go to their new family we watch them like a hawk to make sure they are safe and healthy

Don’t Buy From Puppy Mills

Puppy mills can sell their puppies very cheap, it is a horrifying ordeal for the mother of the puppies. Please check out information on puppy mills.

We are less expensive than pet stores (who often buy their puppies from puppy mills). Please view this website as it will give you some more information on puppy mills.

Prisoners of Greed – Puppy Mills (