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Whoodle Stories: The Remily Family

We keep close ties with everyone who has taken one of our pups. Nothing makes us more happy than hearing stories about how one of our Whoodles or Wheatens has impacted the lives of their owners. This was shared by one of our puppy parents:

We were fortunate enough to get 2 pups from the February 14th litter of Whoodles. We have Riley (a girl) and Bingley (a boy). They are the sweetest puppies on the planet, they love snuggles and kisses and of course meeting new people. They are fantastic with our 3 year old twins – they are playful, funny and of course adorable! We contacted Tammi shortly after we tragically lost our “first baby” – our 8 year old wheaten terrier. He died suddenly in February. We weren’t sure that we were ready to start over again with a new puppy (or puppies) but after contacting Tammi and learning about the way she raises the pups, we felt like it was meant to be, and that we needed to move forward. It has been the best decision! Though we are still grieving our wheaten, these whoodle puppies have helped us to heal and have helped our little girls tremendously. Our entire family has healed through having these new lives with us. Watching them play, sleep, snuggle and learn has been so rewarding and we couldn’t be happier with our new babies. Thank you Bryan & Tammi for trusting us to raise your sweet pups. Also, thank you for this fabulous community of Puppy Parents, it fills my heart with joy to follow the other pups and their families through all of life’s great adventures!

xoxo The Remily Family

About Tammi Thompson

Tammi Thompson has been a loving breeder of wheaten terrier and whoodle designer dogs since 2004. Her dogs have featured on local news channels in Arizona and for various charity donations to military individuals and the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

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