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Whoodle Stories: Mandi Jo, Cole & Pip

We keep close ties with everyone who has taken one of our pups. Nothing makes us more happy than hearing stories about how one of our Whoodles or Wheatens has impacted the lives of their owners. This was shared by one of our puppy parents:

Whoodle_Mandi-Jo_Pip-2I just have to share with you guys. My boyfriend is the kind of person who thinks that dog are dogs, and treats them as such. They don’t need to be spoiled, they don’t need special beds or pillows or treats, they’re just dogs. He’s never had a soft spot for cute fluffy dogs either (dogs should be manly and look like wolves!). Dogs only come from shelters and you never get puppies. Enter Pip. Cole¬†will only give him bottled water, tap just isn’t good enough. Pip was asleep on the hardwood floor last night, and I walked into Cole giving him one of our pillows off the bed to make him more comfortable. Before he left for work this morning, he woke me up to ask if he could put Pippin in bed with me so he wouldn’t be sad when Cole left. And the best? We’ve been talking about getting Pippin a friend, when I asked Cole what kind of dog he would get if he could get anything, he said “do you think we could get another Whoodle?” Ahhh…success! They’re definitely heart stealers!

About Tammi Thompson

Tammi Thompson has been a loving breeder of wheaten terrier and whoodle designer dogs since 2004. Her dogs have featured on local news channels in Arizona and for various charity donations to military individuals and the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

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  1. I love your dogs especially Pip. The color is just like a wheaten and I love the size. I have had 3 wheatens, two males and a female. I absolutely love the breed. I would like to know if you have a pup or are expecting a littler with that color. Please let me know the price and the availability of one. Thank you, Marge