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Please Beware of Puppy Mills

I am so heartbroken and disgusted. When looking for a puppy, don’t be in a hurry. I have recently been contacted by several people who have purchased puppies from this breeder to be told she has been shut down and they will not get a puppy. HERE IS WHAT A PUPPY MILL LOOKS LIKE!



Tips to Avoid Puppy Mills

  • Do some research and go with your gut
  • Ask to see pictures of the dogs living facility
  • Get to know your breeder and look at their website.
  • Look for information and pictures of the puppy’s and adult’s living environment.
  • Don’t be in a hurry. If you have to wait for your puppy from a reputable breeder, then do it. If it cost more, it is because the breeder spends more to make sure you have a happy & healthy puppy.
  • Google your breeder. Get references, talk to the breeder and go with your GUT!

Puppy Mills do not advertise being puppy mills, you have to do your homework. Please stop buying puppies from people that sell them for nothing and do not have your puppy shipped. People think when they walk into a puppy mill, they will rescue that puppy. In reality, that person should walk away and go to the nearest police department or humane society and turn them in. You are not rescuing a puppy from mills, you are promoting that mill. Let the authorities know, let them rescue the puppies and shut the mill DOWN!

Final Thought

If the website looks staged, ask to see real pictures and videos. Look at my website. I hide nothing. I have videos and pictures, I have Puppy Parents you can speak with. I am not saying this so you purchase a puppy from me. I am saying this to show you the difference. I have an exclusive Puppy Parent Page, where you can speak to Puppy Parents. I can be reached at any time. I have a public Facebook page where I post pictures and videos of the puppies and show you how they are raised. All I ask is that when finding a breeder, you take a good look inside the people you want to get a puppy from. I do not ship my puppies. This means you have to come to me. I want to meet you and I want you to see first hand how our babies are raised.

Don’t get me wrong I am not pushing my pups, just showing you the difference. With any breeder, ASK QUESTIONS! Does your breeder have time for you? Do they answer the phone when you call? Do they answer your emails in a timely manner? Do they take time with you? Are they going to be there for you after you take your puppy home?

About Tammi Thompson

Tammi Thompson has been a loving breeder of wheaten terrier and whoodle designer dogs since 2004. Her dogs have featured on local news channels in Arizona and for various charity donations to military individuals and the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

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