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The Adoption Process

The Picking Process:

We take 5 picks of each litter that will be having puppies.
What this means is you will get a picking order before the puppies are due. This is great for people who really want a particular , as well as for people who really want to take the time and pick the puppy that they believe will be right for their family.
After the picks for each litter have been taken I have a contact list. When the puppies are born, I call the people in the order of the contact list and let them know how many we have and they can pick from what is left. Our puppies go so fast that I have people on the pick list for this litter that didn’t get a puppy last litter. So don’t hesitate if you are really sure you want a puppy make sure you get on the picking list.

The Adoption Process:

If your puppy is going to live in a crate all day while you are at work please do not contact me as you will not get one of my puppies. If you live in an apartment that doesn’t have a yard or a place for your puppy to romp and play I will not allow you to adopt one of our puppies.
If your apartment living is temporary and you have a place for the puppy to romp then we might be able to work something out.
Please make sure you are ready to have a puppy, your home and lifestyle will mix well with a new addition.

So many people say I just want a puppy, and then when they puppy is an adult they don’t have time for it, and it is an outdoor dog with a bowl of food and water.
I also recommend dog training. You don’t spend this kind of money on a puppy then have him do puppy stuff that gets you so discouraged you put the puppy outside and forget it.
Puppies are puppies and they will try and get away with things just like children. Puppies like children need boundaries and they need to know the rules. They need to have manners just like children.
Trust me when I say your Wheaten does not want you to be mad at him or her. This breed is so sensitive and so easy to train only because of the love it has for people. This breed of dog is an absolute people pleasers.
You have to learn to speak their language if you want to have a wonderful family member.
You want your family member in your home and to be part of the family give him or her the chance to learn the rules before they become an outdoor dog, instead of an inside family member.
Dog training is great; I am currently working with Gerard with Bark buster to teach my kids some manners. We are amazed at the progress they have made in just 3 lessons. Remember I have 5.
I have his information on the message board as well.
Wheaten Terriers are the best breed we have ever had. They are the laughter in mine and my husband’s day. We appreciate them so much; we would love for everyone to have this experience. If you really think you are ready for a puppy and have done your research on this breed. Please get in touch with either Bryan or myself and we will be happy to walk you through the whole thing.
What to look forward too!
When you put your deposit on your puppy you are not forgotten. I am on Facebook and more then happy to add you so you can join the family. until the day you come to pick your puppy up.
I will have your pone # and email.

After a couple of days I will take pictures of your baby and you will have pictures coming to you as they grow.
I will call you or email you when their eyes open and when they get their first check up.
When they take their first step I will email you.
You will be informed every step of the way of their progress.
You will have a good start on their baby book if you wish to do so.

At about 4 weeks you can start the process of picking the puppy for your family. We will tag your puppy and send you pictures of your baby often.
Bryan and I are here even after you take your puppy home.
If you have any questions all you have to do is email or call us, if we do not know the answer we will try and find it out for you.
I hope the information I gave you gives you some insights on the puppy you will be getting and how it is raised.
We do not sell to puppy mills or pet stores. We are not a business. We are a family that is dedicated to bringing you the best Wheaten & Whoodle puppy possible.
If you have any question you can always reach us by cell, email, or our home#
Please make sure before purchasing a puppy of any kind.
1. You are ready for a puppy and are able to care for one like it is your own child.
2. You get your puppy from a responsible breeder.
3. Your puppy is something the whole family has agreed on
4. Do your research on this breed to make sure it fits your life style.
Thank you again for your interest in our Wheatens if there is anything we can do to help just call.
Bryan and Tammi Thompson

Call for price of puppies 702-773-4943