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5 Reasons To Own A Whoodle

by Tammi Thompson

The Whoodle breed is becoming increasingly popular and has taken on the label of a “designer dog”. But, what are the characteristics of a Whoodle, and why should you own one? If you want to have an easygoing dog in your own home, then you should look for a Whoodle. A Whoodle is a hybrid breed of the Poodle and the soft-coated Wheaten Terrier. These dogs are great additions to your family for at least these five reasons:

1. Whoodles are playful and affectionate

This may be the top reason why Whoodles are lovable, especially to families with children. Whoodles just love playing with children and can get along well with anyone. Because of their non-aggressive nature, children won’t get scared by Whoodles (unless they have been improperly trained). However, these dogs won’t have a good time with people who treat them roughly. Despite the breed’s friendliness, a Whoodle can become troublesome as a puppy if it has been treated poorly.

2. Whoodles are highly intelligent and trainable

Training them is easy relative to training other breeds of dogs. Potty training is usually easy and they can be trusted in open areas within the house when potty training ends, unlike some other dog breeds. However, during training, you should follow some simple guidelines. Use plenty of positive reinforcement (such as dog treats and praising) when your Whoodle does something good, and don’t reinforce a bad action. Also, NEVER treat a Whoodle violently. Following these two rules will accelerate the process of training your Whoodle.

3. Whoodles don’t typically bark

Unlike many other dog breeds, Whoodles won’t bark even when strangers are present. This allows people around a Whoodle, especially children, approach it without fear that they may get barked at (or bitten). This also lessens disturbances at night, when people around the dog are already sleeping. However, when a Whoodle gets bored, it can begin barking more often and more loudly than usual. So it’s better to provide plenty of companionship for it to remain kind and properly behaved.

4. Whoodles can get along well with other pets

If you have other dogs, you should have not much trouble introducing a Whoodle into your home environment. It can also get along well with cats and birds. However, your Whoodle should be socialized early with these other animals (if you have them) so it won’t be frightened later in its life when it sees them. Also, you should act in a way that makes your Whoodle see that you are the leader of those animals. While raising your voice often is bad policy for training a Whoodle, speaking sternly when making a command is good for asserting authority.

5. Whoodles have a soft, non-shedding coat

We know having pets can be very messy at times. Fortunately, with a Whoodle you do not have to worry about shedding hair leaving a mess on your furniture and around your house. A Whoodle has a non-shedding coat, just like its parent Poodle and Wheaten Terrier breeds. This also makes it ideal for those with mild dog allergies, as Whoodles generally will not affect a dog-allergic owner. With Whoodles, you do not need to worry about fur scattering all over the floor of your home, although you still need to groom it properly once in a while.

If you want a dog that can change your life for the better, don’t hesitate to go for a Whoodle. If these five reasons aren’t enough, just ask any Whoodle owner about their lovable companion and we’re sure you will be convinced!

About Tammi Thompson

Tammi Thompson has been a loving breeder of wheaten terrier and whoodle designer dogs since 2004. Her dogs have featured on local news channels in Arizona and for various charity donations to military individuals and the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

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  1. My Whoodle is an amazing addition to our family, she is the loviest dog I have ever had!! I swear she gives bear hugs! I will say the best thing I did was hire a trainer right off the bat- she started her training at 10 weeks old and at a tender age of only 8 months old is the most well behaved dog. People always comment about her good manners when we are out, and she always gets a lot of attention- because she is just a beauty! She rarely barks and gets along so well with my almost 4 year old daughter. The no shedding is a huge plus for me- I love being able to have a big loving dog- without the mess of dog hair all over me and my home! I love Whoodles- I’m a Whoodle owner for life!!

  2. Great dogs, and even better people!!!

  3. A true picture of what these wonderful animals are like! Not sure how Wheatons/whoodles haven’t surpassed Labradors or golden retrievers as America’s favorite dog!
    The Thompson’s love for the breed and the parents who adopt these wonderful creatures is so evident in all they do. Additionally, I love that care for the puppies does not end when the “Puppy Parents” go home!

  4. We have a wheaten from Tammi and Bryan – the BEST dog – the BEST breeders!! Puppy Parents are so lucky to have the website for follow-up, support and story time for both the wheatens and whoodles! I never thought I could love another dog like this one! Easy to train, loves every dog and every person and every place he has ever been or met!

  5. We adopted Ruby, a Whoodle, three months ago. She is a wonderful puppy and fits right into our family. She is a very friendly, smart, funny, and loveable puppy. We call her our Swiffer duster and vacuum because her hair is so soft and fluffy and she picks up better than any vacuum! Everywhere she goes people want to pet her and ask questions about the breed. Tammi is wonderful about providing information and support about her babies. Her dogs are not just pets but part of her family. Thank you Tammi and Bryan and all of the puppy parents who share their stories on the puppy parent page!

  6. We can’t wait until we can get a Whoodle! The Thompsons are amazing!

  7. Love this site and looking at all the pictures.

  8. do woodles get very large? am actually looking for a small dog. have 2 large dogs now ( golden retriever and pit mix) very friendly dog but want a smaller dog so I can pick them up and put in the sink to wash them….

    • Yes. I understand there are mini & micro whoodles. When a Whoodle is bred with a toy or teacup poodle.

  9. I emailed earlier about grown dogs, but since looking more at your site and about the Whoodles, I wonder if we could look at them. If so, tell me directions. We are boarding our adult llasa at Norh Valley vet hospital, so directions from there maybe. I worried about our age, but we get so much enjoyment from the pets we have had and we know many dog lovers who would take our dogs gladly if we should get seriously ill. Thanks for your time.

  10. Thanks for all the help with selecting looking forwatd yo picking up my woodle