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5 Reasons To Own A Wheaten Terrier

by Tammi Thompson

The Wheaten, commonly referred to as the Soft-coated Wheaten Terrier, is a breed of dog that originated from Ireland. It comes in four coat varieties including:

    • Heavy Irish
    • English
    • Traditional Irish
    • American

Puppies are born with white, mahogany or red coats, as they mature the coats gradually turn wheat-colored. If adults get skin injuries the resulting hair growth will be that of their puppy coat which eventually grow out to the wheat color. These sturdy dogs are highly popular since they are versatile workers. They are considered as dual purpose dogs and can perform various duties including tracking and hunting. We’ve narrowed our list down to the top 5 reasons to own a wheaten terrier:

1. Wheatens are cheap to maintain: Most large dog breeds are usually expensive to maintain unlike small or medium-sized breeds since they consume a lot of food. The Wheaten terrier is a mid-sized dog with a square, solid build. This means that the dog does not need a lot of space in your compound or on your coach. Although, we highly recommend that you spend a little extra money to feed your wheaten natural/organic meals which will help maintain good health. Their coat may also need to be brushed out regularly, which may require a trip or two to the groomer each month.

2. Wheatens are known for their good looks: Wheaten Terriers are very good looking dogs and most people tend to admire them. It is quite common for people who own a Wheaten Terrier to be stopped in the streets by complete strangers just to say hello. Their mass of soft curls grows continually just like that of the Poodle and the hair does not shed. As a result they are highly ideal for people who suffer from allergies since they shed very little hair, unlike many other breeds. Their charming looks are enhanced by a thick fringe of hair above the eyebrows and a beard that grows on their muzzle. When these features are combined with a large black nose these Terriers easily become one of the most attractive dogs in the world.

3. Wheatens are intelligent: Wheaten terriers are very intelligent. These dogs are very smart, even when they are quite young. They often excel at dog sports due to their agility, enthusiasm and intelligence. The Wheaten breed is commonly listed on many lists, ranking the smartest dogs in the world. Training your Wheaten will require lots of positive reinforcement, as this breed does not generally respond well to harsh disciplining.

4. Wheatens make great companions:  Wheaten Terriers are wonderful companions since they are loyal, confident, obedient and outgoing. They tend to be quite playful and jump up on people as well as managing to sneak in a friendly lick on the face. These dogs are highly extroverted and love a good game which can be part of their daily exercise routine.

Generally, the Wheaten Terrier is the ideal family dog since it does not attach itself to one particular person but bonds with every member of the family. It can be a wonderful playmate for children since it is boisterous, gentle, and friendly. Wheaten dogs can get along with other dogs especially if they are properly socialized. The canine will usually get along well with other small pets too, such as cats.

5. Wheatens live a long life:  Wheaten Terriers are generally long-lived dogs and can share your life for up to 15-20 years; this is among the 5 reasons to own a wheaten terrier. During their lifetime these dogs are generally robust and enjoy good health as long as they are well taken care of. Our website and online community will offer many tips for keeping your Wheaten healthy for many years.

Wheaten Terriers are one of America’s favorite dogs for many reasons, not limited to the ones listed here. If you own a Wheaten, tell us why you love yours in the comments below!

About Tammi Thompson

Tammi Thompson has been a loving breeder of wheaten terrier and whoodle designer dogs since 2004. Her dogs have featured on local news channels in Arizona and for various charity donations to military individuals and the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

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  1. We love our beautiful Wheaten Terrier, Fallon. Born Sept 22, 2011 she turned out to be the pride of our pack. She loves to give kisses and make us laugh being a silly clown. A great companion to us and wonderful playmate for our other furry babies.

  2. We are the VERY proud mom and dad of Dakota a 2 1/2 year old Wheaten we adopted from Tammi & Bryan. We adore this breed of dog, she is loving, playful, extremely smart, and very easy to train. She meets us every morning with her tail wagging and squeaking her toy at us to play a game of tug, to running around the yard to check each rock over to make sure nothing weird came in the yard overnight, then we have a quick game of what we call the zoomies. Our friends stand in line to take her for a weekend if we are looking for a sitter. I would highly recommend this dog to anyone, especially families with children. I would also highly recommend these wonderful breeders, Tammi and Bryan Thompson, they don’t adopt their puppies out and forget about them, they love to follow the lives of these dogs and watch them grow up and flourish with their families. We love Dakota, she’s one happy happy dog, and we’re one happy happy dog parents!!

  3. These 5 reasons are just why I’m getting a 2nd Wheaton! The non shed is only is only icing on the cake……this breed is absolutely the best breed ever!

  4. Tammi thompson is a great breeder…..I have a whoodle named Babu from her great family of dogs. Love tammi

  5. Tammi – what should I expect to pay for one of your female pups? Met a 2 year old near San Tan and fell in love!

  6. Tammy, your dogs are beautiful and I am enjoying looking at the great articles and info on your site. Re: 5 reasons to own a wheaten- how difficult to narrow it down to five! Their ability to make you laugh and smile during even the most difficult times is definitely a plus. Their episodes ( some call then “zoomies”) are a crazy delight. Their mischief is plentiful – yet so adorable I would have to add the “bad” behavior to the plus list. My wheaten is 15 yrs old and only recently have I been able to make the bed without her “help” ( I doubt I am the only one who has had a crazy wheaten dive underneath the covers while making bed- tugging on pillows and rolling in the comforter only to peek out from the mess with that sweet face . Another plus- but a warning to prospective wheaten owners: these dogs have sensitive souls. To put it mildly. If you are sad, so is your wheaten. If you are sick, your wheaten worries and stays with you. My husband and I are so careful never to raise our voices or exchange harsh words – the slightest conflict sends Molly under the bed or in the closet. Breaks our heart and we stop the conversation if Molly seems to be upset- probably has prevented many arguements. We have had Molly since she was a baby and not a single bad thing has happened to her, but she reacts to things with such sensitivity. Leaves the room if she hears the “F” word ( we have to be aware of this if putting on an R rated movie).
    There are lots of people who shouldn’t consider a wheaten . People who are gone a lot and don’t want to take their dog- wheatens love their people and need to be with them. People who are not able to make their dog a priority or include as if a family member. But for people who want the companionship of these sweet dogs and can give them the attention they need- the rewards are amazing !